Shot in one take, Abandon follows Clemmie, an ambitious dancer in her early thirties when she finds out she's unexpectedly pregnant. She's forced to put her emotions and anxiety aside for the final day of rehearsals of her most demanding show yet. Her understudy eagerly awaits for an opportunity to step out, but as the choreography intensifies can Clemmie go on or is she ready to compromise her career and handover everything she's worked so hard for?

East End Film Festival, UK - June 2017

Hackney Attic Film Festival, UK - August 2017

Red Finch Film Festival, USA - October 2017

Short Sounds Film Festival, UK - October 2017

Aesthetica Film Festival, UK - November 2017

Underwire Film Festival, UK - November 2017

Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival, Chile - November 2017

Hidden Film Festival, UK - December 2017

Tiny Dance Film Festival, USA - March 2018

Arc Film Festival, Germany - April 2018

EnCore Dance on Film, USA - May 2018


Starring - Clemmie Sveaas, Christopher Akrill, Eloïse Hymas, Charlotte Broom & Thomas Coombes.

Writer / Director - Georgia Parris

Producer - Douglas Cox & Georgia Parris

Director of Photography - Arturo Vasquez

Music - Zands & Louise Anna Duggan

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